Mr. & Mrs. Burak

July 2nd, 2016.

Meet the first couple who supported us on our Iceland journey. Back in December, in an effort to fundraise for our trip, 5 couples signed on to fund our trip to Iceland, in exchange for discounted pricing. I couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful people that Iceland has brought into my life, especially these two. 

Tiffany and Gabe have been nothing short of wonderful and generous.

As if their contribution wasn't enough, they gave Justyna Butler and I the honor of photographing their outrageously joyful and beautiful wedding. 



All the ladies got ready at the Kenney family home, in a gorgeous white vanity with flower girls always running around. The house was alive, the air so filled with excitement and love. 

Tiffany could not have been more beautiful, all with the help of her hilarious, loving bridesmaids. 


From there we went to their family church, where we met up with the groomsmen and scrambled around as the ceremony approached.


I so admire Tiffany and her father's relationship; it reminds me a lot of my own. Instead of the usual first look with your husband; we decided to save that for the isle and opted for a daddy-daughter reveal instead. 

It was, of course, adorable.


The ceremony was incredibly touching and beautiful;


Take my hand; Take my whole life too.

the most precious thing, though, was that these two shared not only their first kiss as newlyweds during their ceremony, but their first kiss ever.

The amount of passion these two had for one another was one of the sweetest and most romantic things I have ever witnessed. 


For the reception, together everyone turned a middle school auditorium into the biggest dance party I have ever seen. (It was even better that they catered chipotle.. I mean come on)

Something Tiffany forgot to mention, was that both sides of the family were basically professional swing dancers. 

This reception was possibly the best dance party I have ever attended (and I attend a lot of dance parties) 


You're one of a kind, Gabe and Tiffany. 

here's to you!