Grand Tetons National Park

Let me tell you about the most generous woman I know. 

She's the type of person who invites you on spontaneous road trips across country.

She's the one who doesn't ask for anything in return; even after she's watched you put ungodly amounts of mayonnaise on just about everything.

She's the most life-giving mother I know, with an endless supply of love and adventures for her daughter.

She gives kisses.

and helps 3 year olds think they've pitched a tent.

She's the type of woman to share resources, wisdom, and experiences;

The type of woman that would give you the shirt off her back for the perfect selfie.

This past May, I had the honor of accompanying the best mother-daughter duo on a crazy road trip to the west coast.

We went camping, cooked spaghettios over an open fire, and fought off bears with our bare hands. 

Just kidding that didn't happen.

We did, however, get the chance to shoot the night sky.

This is Brittany Slaughter. 

She's my favorite person, the Maya Rudolph to my Kristen Wiig, the best adventure buddy and my dearest friend. Here's to you!