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So here's the deal - I love what I do, and i’m pretty excited about it. When I sit down with couples, a lot of them are at a loss of where to start. What you need to know, is that I care about your wedding (and it’s really not as scary as it seems!). I’ll be there, from getting ready to getting down on the dance floor, getting those candid moments you love. I’ll be sneaky in the moments that are just for you two, and I’ll be at your side when you can’t remember where you put your vows. I'll be doing way too many squats as I get all the right angles, and you’ll probably see me doing something creative, like pulling out a piece of glass and taking pictures through it. Trust me though, it looks freaking awesome. I care about the candid moments, the traditional shots that you need, and the creative stuff that makes you think “yeah, she’s artsy. and I freaking love it.” 

My job is to offer day-long encouragement. it's seeing the vision you have for your wedding day; then helping you to build it through timelines, direction, creative compositions, and lots of random anchorman quotes. It's being where you need me, whenever you need me. It's being your eyes on your big day, so you can celebrate your marriage knowing that it will not only be recorded, but captured. 

So yeah, I freaking love what I do, and I think you will too. 

let’s get to it.

Dear Redden,

Just wow. Your photography is stunning. I loved reveling in them all weekend. I poured over each category marveling at the quality of light, composition and visual choices you made. You are invisible when you want to be, and when you aren’t, you are so endearing, you bring the warmth and intimacy out of your subject. I feel blessed to have had your heart and skill to capture the life-long images my whole family will cherish. I’m so thankful for you.
— Ena B, Bride.

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