Our Wonderous Team

Meet Emily Coffey. 

Our cook, personal rapper, financial rock and Co-Photographer. This woman approaches all she does with joy, intentionality and ease. With a heart for the world and an eye for an adventure; there is no one else I would have picked to plan this dream alongside me.

I don't know if you've ever heard someone truly belly laugh, but I don't think you will until you've met Emily. Maybe we're just a bunch of hilarious people; but something tells me that this woman laughs for a far greater reason. She is full of joy and radiates positivity. Even as hats blew away in the wind, as tights were torn and hair was tangled; this woman laughed. 

Emily was the first person to jump on board this dream with me; and I could not have done it without her. With the almost daily challenges we faced; our friendship, partnership and patience stretched and overcame. This woman is strong. This woman is capable. This woman is my partner in business, adventure and life. I am endlessly grateful for your ability to see our dreams all the way through, em. I love you my soul sister!


Meet Austin Rogers.

Model. The modeliest of models. Models all the time. and loves it. He even specifically requested to be a model on this trip, so we had to say yes!! I mean look at all that model-y goodness!!!!

Meet Kyle Rasmussen.

Our favorite Videographer, sleep-talker and guide. There is NOTHING this man can't do. Most people, while traveling, become their worst selves. We get emotional, irritable, anxious and manic. But that's not the case with Kyle; This man was born to travel. 

He approaches every adventure with grace, resourcefulness and know-how. Be it making coffee beneath the northern lights, providing extra batteries to those of us that forget to charge our cameras, or climbing icy rocks with full photo gear on his back. This man knows how to travel.

We asked Kyle to join our team when we had a spot unexpectedly open up. He is the wonderfully joyous boyfriend to our hairstylist and team member Carissa, and was the first person that came to mind to fill such a position. I think bringing this man on-board was completely and wholly the best decision I made throughout this entire process. Thank you Kyle, for your endless laughter, patience, resources, and unmatchable leadership. You contributed far more to the success of this trip than you could ever imagine.

Meet Carissa Buhl.

Our cheerleader, yogi master and all-star Hair Stylist. I don't know how many people can make a braid look that perfect in 90mph winds, but I'd like to see you try. Carissa is all-creative, all-in, and always up for any art, concepts or creepiness we could think of. This woman will do anything for artistic adventure. 

When I first worked with this woman back in August for a mountain-hair collaboration; it was her ability to create seemingly effortless beauty out in the wilderness that got me thinking. What about a travel shoot? 

Without this woman's support, spirit and abilities we would not have gone to Iceland. She is endlessly generous, limitlessly creative and quite likely the very reason this dream was even possible. Thank you Carissa, for believing in us from the start, and for giving us artistic visions to believe in.

Redden Wood (haaayyy das me)

In dreaming and planning this trip; my foundational goals were to bring a creative team together; to practice what we love in a new environment; and to provide an opportunity to explore, push and learn outside of our comfort zone. This trip evolved a million times over; but I am proud to say with this extraordinary group of people; my goals were met above and beyond. Thank you to everyone who made this opportunity of a lifetime possible: The brides and grooms whose weddings funded our adventure, The brands who jumped on board with us in our exploration of advertising abroad, and to all the people that contributed to our success; whether it be personal donations; networking or encouragement; Thank you!