Midway Ice Castles

A week ago today, the most fabulous and spontaneous person I have ever met journeyed with me through three states in 24 hours. Driving up through CO and Wyoming, we made it to Utah with just enough time to explore the man-made ice sculpture park known as the Ice Castles.


As far as road-tripping goes; traveling 3 states round trip in 16 hours can be pretty exhausting. We had lots of coffee, conversations, and spontaneous pull-overs to capture the scenery.


We were joined by Brittany's daughter Harper, who was the biggest trooper and best mini-road trip buddy a couple photographers could ask for. She also made for the world's most adorable model and photoshoot side-kick. I am still melting over these two!

the one downside of the trip is that elsa never showed up. We were of course, absolutely crushed.