Day 3: Barnafossar Waterfalls & Fashion

My third day started off early with a very windy and rainy drive to the airport. The 45 minutes it took me to get there was the only speck of alone time I had for 12 days, and it was perfect. I was able to take the time to really put myself there, to allow it to feel real.

I drove back to our hostel, tired and confused, and used the last hours before checkout to catch up on some much needed Z's. Around 10 am, we rolled out of bed, gathered our things, checked under the bed 20 times, and got out on the road to Borgarnes. 

Borgarnes is an ocean-side village in Northwest Iceland. Our drive up there consisted of tundra views and basaltic mountains against the pacific ocean. 

Upon arriving, we discovered that our hostel was actually under construction, and unavailable.

This was all explained to us in broken, complicated english, until the manager's daughter arrived. she promptly explained  that Instead of one tiny hostel room for the five of us, they were accommodating us in a 2 story, 4 bedroom house with a porch overlooking the ocean, to make up for their miscommunication. 

It came loaded with a full kitchen, living room, amazing blankets and a large, spacious bathroom. We stayed in a lot of different places, but this one was by far the best. 


After unpacking our things and getting a tour of the house by a chihuahua named Prince Pinnochio, we looked up the closest waterfall we could reach before sunset and headed out to Barnafossar Waterfalls.

We got coordinates from google, so we weren't exactly sure what to expect. we pulled up to a park that was incredibly accessible, with walkways and bridges throughout.

with little time to enjoy them, we were relieved our tour of them didn't involve an hour long hike.

Hamrafoss is a wall of tiny waterfalls, that all feed into the same river. 

Carissa, Emily, and I walked out for the falls in our outfits from Gigi boutique, one of the brands we were representing, and trotted around the snowy paths in flared pants and high heels. 

In my planning, I had seen photos of this one icy cavern, but had no luck in finding where it actually was. i accepted that i would probably never locate it, and planned for other adventures.

After 15 minutes of admiring hamrafoss, we turned around to head over this bridge, and there it was. The mysterious cavern of my dreams:

It started snowing, hard, and with smiles on our faces we were completely soaked through.

Iceland, you did it again.