Mr. and Mrs. Goldstein

When I was first asked to shoot the Goldstein's wedding, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had just moved to Colorado, I didn't even know what Red Rocks was, and had no idea about who these two were. 

I must be incredibly lucky, because every couple I have ever shot has been nothing short of lovely, patient and radiant.

On December 19th, My partner, Emily Coffey of Sweet Justice Photography and I had the pleasure of shooting these two on the biggest day of their story thus far.

With a bridal party full of goofy groomsmen, and gorgeous bridesmaids, together we shot one of the funnest weddings we have ever been to. 


Red Rocks was perfect; intimate, lively, awe-inspiring and beautiful. These two lovebirds only magnified that magic!

So here's to Mr. and Mrs. Goldstein; to their love, their generosity, and the example they have set for couples to come. Cheers!

Redden WoodComment