about me.


Hi, I'm Redden

& I'm a total freaking hipster.

Really though, I probably spend more time making obscure movie quotes than I do wearing horizontal stripes and beanies. I'm a Chicago native, went to school in the south, then moved out to Colorado to take pictures of wonderful humans and their weddings.


Something I pride myself in, is that I approach every relationship in my life with the same genuine, goofy energy. Friend, Client, Boss, Coworker, Mail-man: I'm an open book and my biggest priority is to make you feel welcome, heard, loved and taken care of. 

I'm all about going above and beyond for my clients. I take every moment of your wedding day seriously, not just the pictures that will get me likes on instagram. I want you to see your grandma's face when she sees you say 'I do.' I want you to remember the details you worked and planned so hard to create. I want you to be able to relish in the moment where you chuckled during your ceremony and see the shear terror in your flower girl's eyes as she walks down the isle. 


Meet Raleigh:

I have a cat, Raleigh, who is basically my child (except he's a lot cuter and furrier than most babies, in my opinion). He's 3 years old and makes up about 50% of the pictures on my phone (the other 50% are memes and wedding pictures).


When I'm not taking pictures, I'm probably booty-popping in my kitchen or driving through Starbucks for the 4th time that day. I love to dance, & if you play the wobble at your wedding, I promise I'll join in. I'm an incredibly goofy and ridiculous person and you're more than likely going to catch me giggling at something stupid I found funny two weeks ago.  


I do what I do because I truly love it. I'm not here for me or what I can gather for my portfolio; I'm here to serve you, and give you back the best moments of your wedding day.

So reach out, let's talk about what you want for your wedding and get you booked!

Redden is AMAZING! She is so talented and made our entire wedding day come to life. I loved looking at all of the pictures and reliving the highlights of my wedding day. She captured so many details in the most artistic and beautiful way. When I first put on my wedding dress, I couldn’t stop staring at it. I feel the same way about these photos. The depth and artistic quality makes it so you can’t take your eyes off of it - I don’t know how she does it, but her work is perfection! I couldn’t imagine having a better photographer: Not only is her work amazing, but she’s also the sweetest
— Bethany K, Bride