What a lot of people don't know about wedding photography, is that it is SO much more than taking a picture. 


Out of every single person at your wedding, your photographer will see you the most. More than your Mother, more than your Maid of Honor or Best Man, even more than your future spouse. What I do- is not as easy as a click of a button.


It's offering day-long encouragement, it's seeing the vision you have for your wedding day; then helping you to build it through timelines, creative direction and artistic partnership (and maybe a little pizza). It's being where you need me, whenever you need me. It's being your eyes on your big day, so you can celebrate your marriage knowing that it will not only be recorded, but captured. My job is to be there, to be ready, to see it all, and to always keep romance in mind. If you're looking for someone to tell your story and love every moment of it, let's have a conversation.


Let's Talk Details;

Let's Talk Details;

the process:

What does a wedding with Redden look like?

After Booking, I work as hard as I can to communicate efficiently, keep things stress-free and be as accommodating as possible. 1 month before your big day I will send out a timeline that will help both of us understand the flow of things. We'll communicate expectations, timing, specifics and extras - everything to make it all come together! On your wedding day I will be there all day, with a trusted and capable second shooter/assistant. I will follow our pre-designed timeline and follow the day as it goes, but will always be open to shot requests and unforeseen plan changes! We'll get most of the portraits before the reception, leaving the rest of our time together to enjoy the night, and party! 

from you:

What do I need from you?

1. To secure your date: Deposit in full

2. Resources/Documents: Contract, Time-line, Answered Questionnaire, Family shot-list

3. Extra Costs Due: Travel & Accommodations, Add-on services

4. You and your beautiful self

5. Payment in full 

6. Openness to creativity and a kick-ass attitude

from me:

What can you expect of your finished photos?

Beautimous Greatness. 

4-8 weeks after your wedding a high resolution online gallery with all digitals & a print release.

For Packages 2&3:

4-8 weeks after your wedding a high resolution online gallery with all digitals & a print release.

8-10 weeks after your wedding:  Physical Package with 30-50 gifted prints of Redden's favorites,

business cards, decorative USB with all digitals and sweet little details!

Things to Consider:


SECOND SHOOTER: For a wedding over 150 guests, it may be recommended or required that you have a second shooter! A second shooter helps me be in two places at once, covering twice as many people. It helps timelines run faster and gives your gallery more depth with everything is captured from two angles, two different eyes. After the wedding, I edit all of the second shooter's pictures to help make a large, cohesive wedding gallery just for you :)

FIRST LOOK: A lot of the stress of a wedding day originates from the fear of seeing your spouse: the pressure of seeing each other before the right time is a hard task, especially on top of organizing all the other details. I've found, that doing a first look before the ceremony allows that stress to melt away, and give the two of you time to just stand still, and be excited. It is usually followed by your couples portraits, which then get to be shot while you're still fresh off getting ready! From there, the timeline gets a lot easier as Family Pictures and Bridal Party pictures take up more time than one would expect! If there was one thing that I could recommend to make your day less stressful, it would be a first look.


Engagement Sessions

Engagement Sessions

If you haven't considered having an engagement session, you should!


To shoot with the two of you before your wedding not only allows us to get to know each other, but to get used to shooting together. It allows me to get a feel for your chemistry and to test out and explore our creative options. Plus, it's such a wonderful way to capture memories of just the two of you.


My favorite part of engagement shoots is by far how relaxed they are. We get to adventure and be goofy together; hanging out while getting you comfortable in front of the camera. Your pictures can be used for save the dates, guest books, and have even helped past clients decide on hair styles! It allows you to see how you look in front of my lens, and gives you a good idea of how being the center of attention feels. Engagement Sessions are by far my favorite part of the wedding photography process, and I can't stress enough how big of a difference they make.





handmade print delivery boxes

One of my favorite parts of the wedding photography process, is getting to deliver tangible, hand-made print boxes. There's something so beautiful about being able to hold my work in my hands; to bring together all the color schemes, details, touches and mood of each wedding

whats inside:

I always try to incorporate some type of dried flower into each box, because they smell SO GOOD. I hand-make leather pouches that hold wallet size portraits of your wedding party and business cards; all tied together with silk ribbon on top of 30-50 5x7 prints. Everything is gently styled in a glass print box, with a thank you card on top! I use different local companies for every different detail and wrap it all up with adorable, floral wrapping paper from Rifle Paper Co.  As someone who loves giving gifts, It's kind of a dream come true to wrap a wedding into a glass box and give it back to you :)

I couldn't do it alone

I absolutely adore finding other local businesses to invest in and taking the time to find companies that hold themselves to the same creative process and standards that I do.


There's a lot of people out there who are simply wonderful at what they do; and nothing makes me happier than bringing all these little influences together to show you how beautiful your wedding truly was. 

inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible
— Artifact Uprising



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