Where the Magic Happens

So if you're ever wondering what an artist's workspace looks like; it probably falls somewhere in these lines. I have ALWAYS loved to surround myself with 'a few of my favorite things.' No matter how much they don't match... at all.

Thrifted frames with adventurous pictures; amateur calligraphy, framed magazine cut-outs and postcards from here and there; I'm a HUGE fan of color. I'm not sure that I've quite nailed down the whole gallery wall thing; but I do know that every single piece up there makes me giddy every time I sit down. 

I've lived in this house for 8 months now, and as a fairly nomadic young adult, I often find myself recreating my space, year after year. I moved into this room, with dingy carpet and crappy walls and have really worked to transform it into a place I feel comfortable and productive. 

I have always loved the element that flowers add to a room. There's something so wonderful about not having to work to make something beautiful. Unfortunately my cat, Raleigh, kind of loves to eat them when they're dried. It's the best.


One of my favorite things I did in honor of my business, was embroider my logo on a teeny loom when I first left college. I had just designed my logo a few weeks before; and as a way to make my business 'real' I tried my hand at embroidering. You can still see all the pencil marks from where I messed up, and I love it. It's so perfectly me. 

A couple of years ago I bought all these glass pane frames and I've been able to repurpose them, house after house. They now carry a blown-out polaroid, and some of my favorite shots from Iceland.


I'm a sucker for monograms. and for when people call me Red. 

I can never decide on a color scheme, but I have loved seeing the way my colors have all come together. 

I love cats, if you didn't know. and I love my little space even more.

May your colors be crazy and your space cozy.

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