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About me

As I dream up my brand, I find myself asking the same questions. What does Redden Photography mean to me?  What feelings do I want to evoke? Who can best fulfill that? What do I want to specialize in? 

And the one thing that has repeatedly stuck with me through all the things i have learned, is that i want my pictures to be beyond me. Great photography not only contains well thought-out poses and beautiful models; but it contains an element. An element of things unknown, candid details that turn it from a still moment to a captured rhythm. I want to take photos that have something beyond my control, beyond my planning, and beyond what I can create. Whether that be an unexpected gust of wind, a clutter of freckles on a crinkled nose, a kiss from a wild animal or a genuine smile. 

The most important thing to me is that my clients are able to relax, be themselves and let go; I want them to be able to look back through their photos and re-live the day as if I’m re-telling their story. 

Like any service-minded business owner, I want people to be happy with my work. And for me, there is nothing more important than having clients who appreciate the art of wedding photography, people who inspire me with their story, their love, and their spirit.  So what’s my ideal client? Who are my dream couples? What are my ideal jobs?

- Weddings with non-traditional, unique touches

- People who are up for an adventure; no matter what that entails.

- Couples who are madly in love and aren’t afraid to show it

- Portraits that are raw, unique, personal and even dark. Show me who you are and lets make art!

- Outdoor weddings or naturally lit venues/spaces/studios

-Travel. Always.

- People who are as madly in love with the artistic as I am.

- Portraits that feature animals. No words can describe my love.

So if you’re here because you’re looking for someone to tell your story, whether that be an exchange of vows, a personal affliction, an artistic vision, or an adventure yet documented, email me. Lets have a conversation.

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